An original story

Once upon a time

Stories are an integral part of human communication. And storytelling — whether in-person, through the written word, or social media — plays an important role in building connections with others.

Telling your story may sound fluffy, but it’s essential to capture the interest of your target customers, build a stronger connection with your audience and ultimately convince them that they should buy from you.  A good story is based on a narrative that weaves in your company, your products and services, the facts and figures, the features and benefits, all in with your own personality and voice.  This makes it original; it’s based on you.

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What’s your story?

storytelling in marketing

Storytelling is an established, proven marketing technique. The reason is simple – stories resonate with people. We are linear and analogue and – generally speaking – we act on experience and emotion, not just logic and data. When someone tells us a story we respond with empathy and insight, and we mirror the teller’s experience. If it’s a really good story we even get a little shot of dopamine, which heightens the connection and makes it more memorable. You don’t get that from a pricelist.

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Brouha represents The Consultancy

The Consultancy and Brouha Marketing

We are pleased to announce that Brouha is now representing The Consultancy, the well-established provider of online initiatives.

Specialists in the window and door industry, The Consultancy has worked with hundreds of companies big and small, including many well-known and respected names such as Door-Stop, Solidor, The Residence Collection, Lock-Lock, Martindales and Fastframe.

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