How to organise a successful event


As Christmas fast approaches, we’re busy working with customers on a number of exciting events to take place over the festive period.

At Brouha, we absolutely love the opportunity to support the planning and management of events our customers want to hold. Whether it be a trade show, dinner dance, anniversary party or corporate golf day, we’ve got the experience to know how to make it a success. But, if you’re not used to doing it, planning an event can seem a pretty daunting task.

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10 tips to help you take better photos

polaroid camera

You’ve finished a great installation and you want to get some pictures of it. If you get some good ones they’ll go on your website. If they’re really good they can be used for adverts or brochures. But you haven’t got a lot of time, the weather’s not great and your photos never seem to look quite as good as you’d hoped.

Sound familiar? Probably, because it’s the same for everyone. Taking good pictures can be difficult – it’s why we have professional photographers.

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PR – it’s not about the stuff you sell, but the stories you tell

laptop on desk

As PR and communications professionals, we are story tellers. We look for stories. We pitch stories to journalists and stakeholders. We track stories in the press, on social media and on websites. We tell our customers’ stories, offering something for their audience to relate to, and – ultimately – we convert that audience to customers.

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