Hiring a marketing agency – retainer or project-based?

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You know the situation – as a business owner or in-house marketing guru you’ve been doing your own marketing. It’s been going well, but your company has grown and you know that you need to up the level. Or perhaps you feel like you’re falling behind your competition, and you look at their marketing with a hint of envy. In either case, you want to do more but you know you’re not ready to have a full time in-house team.

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How to choose the right agency for you

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Marketing and PR – and all the things they encompass – are essential to a company’s success. In an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious market, you need an edge. Marketing and PR can provide that edge.

As with any service or product you buy, choosing the right PR and marketing partner is a matter of personal choice. It’s horses for courses. Different agencies offer different things, and do things in different ways. It’s up to you to decide who you want to work with: what does your company need, which agency can deliver that, and which agency do you want to work with – who are you comfortable with?

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