What’s your story?

storytelling in marketing

Storytelling is an established, proven marketing technique. The reason is simple – stories resonate with people. We are linear and analogue and – generally speaking – we act on experience and emotion, not just logic and data. When someone tells us a story we respond with empathy and insight, and we mirror the teller’s experience. If it’s a really good story we even get a little shot of dopamine, which heightens the connection and makes it more memorable. You don’t get that from a pricelist.

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PR – it’s not about the stuff you sell, but the stories you tell

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As PR and communications professionals, we are story tellers. We look for stories. We pitch stories to journalists and stakeholders. We track stories in the press, on social media and on websites. We tell our customers’ stories, offering something for their audience to relate to, and – ultimately – we convert that audience to customers.

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