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Products and services are rarely truly unique, and when they are – well, they probably won’t be for long. Right now your competitors are looking at what you do and working out if it can be copied, improved upon or undercut.

But you are unique. Your brand is unique. And the way you engage with your audience is unique.

In short, what makes you stand out from your competition more than anything else is your story. No-one can copy it. No-one can match it. And best of all, your customers want to hear it.

We’re here to help you tell that story. Here’s how…



According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing, marketing is: “The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”. In parallel, industry guru Philip Kotler defines it as: “satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process”.

In our opinion, marketing is the public face of your company. It includes promoting your products and services, but it’s more than that – it’s about showing what you company is, and what you’re all about. It’s about connecting with customers and prospects, not just selling to them. It’s everyone’s responsibility, and should be represented at the highest level in your organisation.

Brouha works with clients to produce and deliver effective, creative, cross-channel marketing strategies for businesses big and small.

public relations

Public Relations

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations defines PR as: “the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between an organisation and its public”.

There is debate in PR circles as to what that entails. At Brouha we see PR as an all-encompassing, sustained strategy to change perceptions and move markets through written communication. That includes press releases and articles that end up as editorial in magazines, newsletters, letters to customers or prospects and internal communication bulletins or newsletters.

In addition to this we consider lobbying influential organisations and individuals and building relationships with editors and journalists, a key part of a PR agent’s role.



You can use all the marketing and PR and tools you like – without an overriding strategy to ensure they are all servicing your overall business objectives, their impact will be limited.

Brouha is a specialist in the window, glass and door industries in the UK and mainland Europe, with more than 50 years of collective experience. We understand the markets and what different levels of the supply chain need to succeed. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – don’t believe anyone who tells you there is – so we help businesses develop the right strategy for their success.

integrated communications

Integrated Comms

What does that mean? It means making sure all aspects of your marketing communication – advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, social media etc – work together as a unified force, not in isolation.  It ensures that all brand contacts with a customer or prospect are appropriate, recognisable and work together adding weight, credibility and peace of mind. It strengthens your brand in the minds of your customers.

Brouha recommends using an integrated approach to communications for best value and most effective results. Programmes include online and offline marketing channels – websites, social media, email, blogs, traditional print advertising, public relations, and direct marketing – but most importantly, all programmes are developed to complement each other.

direct mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be used to enhance reputations and generate awareness, but cleverly designed with strategic direction, they can generate new business too.

A consistent programme of targeted direct communication, whether by post, e-mail or drop-card is still proven to be a highly effective method of bringing in leads with a high conversion rate. For the most effective campaigns, a highly targeted approach with a clearly defined follow-up strategy can bring the most success.

Brouha removes the hassle of running such campaigns in-house by managing the entire process from start to finish.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Most companies recognise the importance of SEO, blogs, online advertising and social media, but many say they simply don’t have the time or expertise to fully implement a consistent and effective digital marketing campaign.

Brouha is experienced in all areas of digital marketing, but also works with expert partners to produce results driven, high impact digital marketing campaigns for clients.



Your brand isn’t just your logo and corporate font – it’s what David Ogilvy described as: “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes”. In other words, your brand is what your customer or prospect thinks of when they see or hear your name. It’s what they know about you factually and emotionally. And it’s evoked as soon as they see your logo.

At Brouha we work with you to identify your brand, and then work with a range of partners to design a visual identity that reinforces – or changes – it.



Our customers aren’t tied down to any one designer at Brouha. We work with clients’ existing designers, in-house design teams and our own network of trusted design partners for all budgets and creative requirements.

This gives us flexibility when it comes to design and allows us to supply options to our clients. It also means we have no bias in terms of who we recommend as the best person for each individual client and project, so customers can be assured they are getting the best solution for their business.

Brouha removes the hassle by managing the entire process including producing creative briefs, feedback through the process and ensuring deadlines are met.

social media

Social Media

Most of our work is carried out business-to-business so we recommend Twitter and Linked In as the top performing social media channels in our industry. For B2C it’s a different story. Of course, there are exceptions where Facebook and Instagram are beneficial for B2B too, and – most importantly – things are constantly changing.

The team at Brouha have in-depth experience across all channels. We work with clients in different capacities to suit their individual requirements, but we can support clients in terms of proactively coming up with the right level of social media messages on a regular and consistent basis, as well as produce comprehensive reports on the success of each campaign.



Advertising is an important part of the mix whether you’re looking to build reputations, increase market share or grow leads.

Brouha has a close working relationship with trade, commercial and building press to ensure we get the required coverage on behalf of our customers. We can also proactively manage the entire process from negotiating rates and booking space to writing copy and working with designers to create impactful campaigns.



Event co-ordination and management can be a daunting and time-consuming task if tackled without the relevant knowledge and understanding.

With the benefit of experience, Brouha offers a quality, impactful and value for money service.  Whether it’s a product or press launch, an exhibition or anniversary, or a factory opening, your brief combined with our creativity and experience creates a partnership that meets requirements, irrespective of size or budget. 

As well as putting together and managing the right event for you, we can also ensure maximum exposure before, during and after.


In-House Support

At Brouha we pride ourselves on teamwork and aim to become an extension of our clients’ businesses.

While most of our strategic planning and regular update meetings take place with the heads of companies, we also work on a day to day basis with in-house marketing teams and individuals.

Through our accreditations with professional bodies we can also offer training to in-house recruits that are new to the industry, or new to marketing.

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