About us

Brouha is a boutique public relations, content marketing agency and branding strategy consultancy working with clients who sell products and services that make buildings – residential and commercial – look better, be safer and function more efficiently.

At Brouha, we understand how fierce the competition is in these crowded markets and that each sector has unique requirements that can’t be met by a one-size fits all, template driven agency. As such, we have made it our mission to really understand the markets, drivers and challenges you face. 

This means we work closely alongside you to craft and deliver unique campaigns that speak directly to your business goals and strategy. 

Our core services include media relations, consultancy, communications strategy, policy and stakeholder communications, ‘thought leadership’ development, creating compelling content for PR and digital. We work in both the private and public sectors.

Who we are

In 2006, Brouha was founded as a full-service boutique marketing and PR agency focused on the fenestration, construction and social housing industries, committed to collaborating with clients. Since then we have stood by this commitment. With each of our clients, we form a team that combines our marketing expertise with their products and services, building their reputation, brand and business. 

Simply put, we are here to facilitate your success. 

Our core ethos is to put honesty, integrity and ethics at the centre of everything we do. This pledge underpins the way we do business. 

These principles are to:

  • be approachable
  • show integrity
  • be honest and responsible
  • develop and maintain strong relationships
  • be transparent
  • work with care and passion
  • show results by benchmarking
  • refuse conflicts of interest
  • show enthusiasm and drive
  • offer specialist agency advice while working closely as part of a team
  • be reliable and accurate
  • safeguard confidences

Meet the team


A modern languages graduate from Durham University and member of the CIPR, Brouha MD Fiona’s career has since been defined by communications and the delivery of professional B2B public relations and marketing.

For the last 14 years she has led Brouha’s team to success in delivering award-winning campaigns for clients offering property services and building products to the social housing, trade, commercial and new build sectors. 

Described in a psychometric test as a rare type of female who is imaginative yet decisive, creative yet deadline driven and ambitious yet private, Fiona falls into a category representing just 0.2% of the population.

Outside of work, Fiona loves her horses, chickens and clowder of cats.


Susie joined Brouha in 2013 and is responsible for the implementation of our digital marketing campaigns. Susie approaches PR and marketing with a holistic and strategic view thanks to her background in sales, marketing, and finance. 

Studying business at agricultural college, Susie has the unique ability to not only deliver professional communication programmes, but also teach you to ride a horse and look after a farm – which is apt considering she’s married to a farmer and has a mixture of livestock, horses, dogs and children to look after at home!


With two Bachelors of Music and a Master of Music, Amy’s journey to marketing has been far from obvious. The ten years of study and performance was supported by a continuous stream of creative jobs across multiple industries.

Amy lent her hand to writing and producing theatre, managing businesses, events and community centres, facilitating out-reach workshops and educational programmes, and as well as running her own businesses. As eclectic as her experiences have been, it has meant that Amy now has a depth of creativity and skills that can be applied to any industry.