Is that your Summer holiday on the horizon?

By now, most of us have (hopefully) got our Summer getaways booked and although it’s always something to look forward to, the run up can seem rather frantic in our attempt to ensure things are kept ticking over whilst we are off.  As the days tick down to your relaxing Summer break, we want to help with any marketing related stresses you may be feeling ahead of getting away.

Plan and prioritise

The important thing is getting the balance between the much-needed down time, without seeming completely off grid for the time that you are gone.  Write a list of the key things that need to happen, is your monthly newsletter is due to go out to your mailing list?  Do you want your weekly ‘meet the team’ series to continue on LinkedIn?  Decide on the things that have to happen and those that won’t be missed and prioritise what you need to do.  One of the best tools we use with our customers is a marketing plan.  We include everything on them from the bigger, less frequent, articles down to the daily Social Media messages.  This not only provides everyone with a central point to share what’s happening, but also allows us to forward plan and prepare for things coming up – which proves invaluable when anyone within the team is taking leave.  Of course, not everyone has a team on hand to provide support.  It’s then time to turn to applications such as Hootsuite or Loomly which allow you to schedule social media posts for the likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ in advance, so you still have a visible business presence when you’re actually lounging in the sun, cocktail in hand.

Be clever with it

You might have got to this point and thought, how am I supposed to compose weeks’ worth of marketing material when I have so much other stuff to get done before I go?  Well, not everything has to start from a blank page.  Look back over old content and see where you can reuse anything and upcycle things, so you don’t always have to start from scratch.  Perhaps there’s an image you can reuse with a different message, part of a newsletter that can be tailored to suit a shorter Social Media post.  Have a look back over your most recent marketing collateral as there will be some quick wins to be had if you can get clever with it, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just keep things ticking over.

Of course, if you’d rather not have to worry about any of this, then we’re always at the end of the phone and can provide support with your ongoing marketing needs.  Then you can jet off and enjoy your break knowing that your marketing is in safe hands.  Give us a call on 01672 514947 if you think we can help.