Your time to shine?

We have been kept busy recently at Brouha, supporting customers with some award entries, as well as completing some of our own – and with more on the horizon, it got us thinking about why we do it.  Why do we put ourselves out there to be judged by others when it might seem easier to just stick with the day job?  And it turns out, there are so many reasons why you should do it, we decided to write a blog about it!

Having worked on a wide variety of entries for both National and Regional Awards, some industry specific and some with a broader business focus, we’ve been fortunate enough to play a part in showcasing product, company or individual excellence and have seen first hand the benefits a successful campaign can have.

Why put yourself out there?

An award win, short-list or nomination can boost your reputation and help cement your credibility – it’s a third party endorsement to help validate your product, service or personnel. It also gives you the opportunity to differentiate from your competitors, which may then help give you the edge when it comes to winning new business, or employing the best talent.  As well as this, the award ceremony itself provides you with a great opportunity to network with peers, clients, contractors, etc. and is a great way of celebrating your team achievements or rewarding individuals for their hard work.

And the winner is…

At Brouha, we have almost two decades experience in researching, writing and winning award entries on behalf of our customers.  So, if you’re thinking you like the sound of all the benefits entering an award can bring, but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us and we’ll explain how we can help.

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