The power of stories. It isn’t just about the things you sell, but the stories you tell.

Stories resonate. As humans we are linear and analogue;  we act on experience and emotion, not just logic and data. We respond to stories with empathy, insight and experience, and we remember. Facts and figures inform. Stories connect.

Brouha is a full-service marketing and PR agency, focusing on the fenestration, construction, social housing and home improvement industries. We know how to engage an audience. We listen. We understand. We always focus on quality.

And we deliver.

We tell your story.

Welcome to our website. It tells you who we are and what we do and – more importantly – how and why we do it. It’s our story; what’s yours?

We use stories to pass on accumulated wisdom, beliefs, and values. Through stories we explain how things are, why they are, and our role and purpose. Stories are the building blocks of knowledge, the foundation of memory and learning. Stories connect us with our humanness.

National Storytelling Network

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Markets are crowded. Competition is fierce. You need to differentiate yourself and your products from everyone else. You need to connect with your audience.

Your story needs to be told.

At Brouha, we are storytellers. We listen. We learn. We find stories and we tell them. And by telling our clients’ stories we make them stand out and connect them to their customers. Customers love stories – we can tell yours.

This is ours…

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Products and services are rarely truly unique, and when they are – well, they probably won’t be for long. Right now your competitors are looking at what you do and working out if it can be copied, improved upon or undercut.

But you are unique. Your brand is unique. And the way you engage with your audience is unique.

In short, what makes you stand out from your competition more than anything else is your story. No-one can copy it. No-one can match it. And best of all, your customers want to hear it.

We’re here to help you tell that story. Find out how.

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We’ve been telling our clients’ stories for more than 10 years.

From multinationals to family businesses, giant industrials to local installers, we’ve worked with people from every type of company.

That’s important, as telling a multinational’s story is very different to doing the same for a small business. The audience, the story and the way it’s told are not the same.

You need to know that whoever you choose to tell your story really connects with your audience … and with you.

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With a range of marketing and PR strategies, put together in a thoughtful, effective marketing plan, Brouha can help your business grow.

So now it’s time for you to tell us your story…